RYD Change Mat

Once you’ve surfed your brains out and the salt water is dripping from you nose, its time to pack up and go get a feed! But there’s nothing worse than taking off your wet wetsuit (or boardies/bikinis) on a sandy carpark then dragging all that junk into the car. Enter the waterproof RYD  change mat! A genius little creation designed for you to change into, bag up and pack away – leaving your car and wetsuit, sand and grass free! The quick release drawstring makes it quick and easy to use, making the mat a must have, if you’re a regular commuter to the surf... unless you forget to take it out of the boot when you get home. Then it’s not so genius, but that’s on you ;-)

• Durable & tough waterproof material.
• Quick release drawstring.
• Keeps wetsuit and surf gear clean.
• Protects car interior from saltwater.

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