RYD Fins - How it Works

There are 3 key things you need to take into account:  SIZE, SWEEP and FLEX


First up we need to choose the size of our fin. Generally, they scale from XS to XL and are based on your weight. Something along these lines:

XS – under 55 kg

S – 55-70 kg

M – 65-80 kg

L – 75-90 kg

XL – over 90 kg

The two most common fin set-ups are tri and quad (or tri/quad). Tri fin set-ups are generally suited to all conditions and are versatile while offering a lot of control.

Quads offer exceptional drive and speed, while tending to be a little more on the loose side, with a moderate amount of control. They are also really good in hollow, barreling conditions.


Fin sweep, also known as rake, refers to how far the fin is leaning back.

Low sweep (an upright or pivot fin), offers control and will turn easily in a tight arc. This fin is more suited to beach breaks and hollow waves.

A fin with a neutral sweep will give you a balanced and predictable performance, and is suited to most wave conditions and most board types.

Your high sweep fin will turn in a longer arc and provide more control. These are suited to punchy waves, point breaks, and open face type conditions and will suit boards with a higher rocker.


Flex simply refers to the response you get when pushing against your fins. More flex = slower response, while less flex = faster response.

Stiffer fins allow heavier and stronger surfers to load up, or push harder through turns, without overpowering or stalling the fins.

More flex creates a whipping action, helping lighter, more agile surfers, generate and hold speed through turns. But don’t be too narrow minded here, stranger things have happened for the heavier surfer!

Generally speaking the type of construction will contribute directly to the amount of flex you’ll get.  For example a carbon based fin with a honeycomb tip will give you more flex than a full fibreglass fin, which will be much stiffer.

And don’t forget, different fin manufacturers have different fin systems.  What’s a fin system? Basically, it’s the way the fin is secured to the surfboard.  Some clip in, some screw in and others are a combination of both.  Board manufacturers will produce surfboards with their fin system preference, so make sure you double check the fin set up before throwing down some coin on a surfboard... and your new set of fins!


Our ranges have been designed with over 20 years experience in the category. Our philosophy with fins is to keep it simple, fun and functional!   

Here’s how to walk through our range.


Use the scale above and choose your fin based on your weight.


To keep your sweep decision simple, we’ve narrowed the options down to two easy templates.  Raked and Pivot.  All you have to do now is picture the waves you want to be riding with these fins, and think about it like this:

 Are you surfing more beach breaks that are peaky, punchy and fun? Grab a pivot fin. This more upright fin (with low sweep) will enable you to turn easily in a tight arc, maintain your speed.  PIVOT = FUN

Are you surfing longer, open face type waves? Point breaks, larger powerful waves?  Grab a raked fin template (higher sweep) – this will enable you to draw out turns in a longer arc, maintain control and add some drive to your surfing! RAKED - SPEED & CONTROL


Once you’ve ticked all the boxed above – it’s time to choose your construction, remembering that materials you choose will have a direct influence on the flex and weight of your fin, and therefore it’s performance.

Here’s how our range is set up:

Our Alt Range uses composite materials. That’s just a fancy term for saying we use two different types of material in the fin construction that delivers, what we call a Carbon Flex combination.  You’ll find carbon at the base of the fin (the stiffness at the base helps with drive and control) and a honeycomb fabrication for the rest of the fin (giving the fin the ability to flex above the stiff base). This is a great all round construction option offering drive and whip at the right times.

Our Layback Range is made of a full honeycomb construction. So what is this honeycomb we keep talking about? It’s a hexagonal shaped foam that sits inside the core of the fin, which is then glassed in with resin. Because less resin is used, honeycomb fins are generally lighter, and we already know they offer more flex.  And more flex equals more whip. And more whip equals more stoke!

The True Range utilizes one of the more traditional construction materials — full fiberglass. The process involves laying up multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and resin and then foiling the shape of the fin to the desired template.  Fiberglass fins are generally stronger and are also the stiffest fin in our range.  Fins with less flex will react quickly and allow you to load up and push hard! Only our Medium and Large fins will be available in True Range as the construction will be too stiff for our x-small and small templates.

Our Art Range is a nod to what we stand for – Fun! Construction is full Honeycomb, with splash of spice to make sure we’re all keeping the dream alive!


The RYD twin and keel fins utilize the two most popular construction formulas from our regular short board fin offering.  Here our fiberglass (four styles) and honeycomb (three styles) constructions take center stage. 

With twins or keels, the honeycomb fins will provide a little extra whip in those softer conditions, while the stiffer fiberglass styles will allow you to push little harder giving you more confidence and hold through your turns. 


 Our mid length and longboard fins are all made out of full fiberglass construction — we like the feel they give this type of craft, and with the option to move the fin within the fin box (forward for a looser feel, further back for more drive) we don’t need to play around with fabrications too much, other than adding some colorful tints for a little extra flair.

All fins in this range come with a silky matt finish; with the exception of the art styles (Hank Dude and Aloha) in the log range... they’re a little more polished so the graphics can sing! 

Full range available in April '21! 


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