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Now that we know surfing is not just a summer sport, we need to talk about softboards... with soft being the operative word! Whilst surfing is not exactly a contact sport, it can be when you’re learning! So whether you’re a grom or an adult learner, this is the kind of craft you want to ride your first waves on.  And if you’re in it just for fun, then your surfing world is just about to be opened right up!

Boards in this category are generally made with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS) but the deck is wrapped in a layer of EVA rubber. That’s the stuff your thongs are made of, so it’s nice and soft. (That’s sandals for the Americans, Slippers for the Hawaiians, Jandals for the Kiwis, Slops for the South Africans etc.)

The bottom consists of a slick polyethylene plastic resin that is friction free and durable. The foam core will keep the board rigid and the plastic fins (that you can screw in and out with a 50c piece) will save you from any potential surf-ending fin chops.  Some softboards will also give the option to drop in a real set of fins — the good kind of performance enhancers.

If you want to turn the amusement level up a notch, you can always throw a fun board in the boot.  There has been great strides made in this space, and nothing is too weird or whacky to walk down your local beach track with. 

Anything goes, from highly designed softboards with carbon stringers and real fins, to high profile shaper and surfer collaborations, to finless fun boards under 5ft. 

This is the category you can transfer all of your learned skills over to... and take the seriousness right out of the picture. But best if you can ride the face of the wave before you expand your softboard quiver into this zone.



If you’re a surf school or a beginner you’ll be looking at our FRESH RYD Range. 

These durable boards are made with a triple stringer EPS core and features EVA ‘bumpers’ on the nose and tail for extra strength, beveled handles on the nose for easy ‘tow backs’ by instructors and lines on the deck to show you where to stand!  

Our Fresh RYD’s come in 6’0, 6’6, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0 and 9’0.  Take me back to (surf) school now!


When it’s time to transition from learning to catching your own waves or just goofing around on those average surf days, make the move to our Everyday  range.  With extra volume (thickness) and size options (4’11 to 9ft) this range will give surfers of all skill levels the opportunity to have a truckload of fun. 

The everyday range features an expanded polystyrene core with a double stringer for extra strength – with the 8ft and 9ft boards featuring 3 stringers. 

You’ll also find a GoPro mount on the nose of this range so you can record the memories you make, push through plastic fins for added safety and a strategically placed handle on the bottom deck to help the young ones… or even the older ones make the trek to the waters edge even easier. Everything about this board is built so you can have the most fun you can. I want to surf EVERYDAY... please show me the range!


If you want to add a bit of spice to your surfing life you’ll need to make a stop at our Alt Range.  Designed to fully enhance the fun factor – no matter what craft you ride – these boards are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face > disclaimer below ;-)

The Alt Range is the perfect blend between form and functionality. The refined shapes in our Alt Range offer performance in a variety of conditions. All boards have a glassed EPS foam core, carbon fiber stringer, a slick polyethylene plastic resin bottom and a high performance fin system with leash plug. We’ll also throw in a set of plastic fins with each board so you can go surfing straight away, but we recommend grabbing a set of RYD one tab fins to amplify your experience!  Disclaimer: We can’t legally guarantee the smiles, but we’re pretty sure you will be grinning from ear to ear.


The First Time  model is the brainchild of Ambassador, Caio Ibelli.  When not competing on the WSL Championship Tour Caio likes long walks on beach, fluffy puppies and... Twin fins.  This little number, that features a cheeky swallowtail and slight winger, is based off a board Caio personally shaped and is available in three sizes: 5’2, 5’7 and 5’9.  And because you should ride these with real fins, we recommend the RYD Road Movie or Volkhorn (Fiber glass fins) or the Sans or Hank Dude (Honey comb construction) as the perfect partners for this board. (Fins available in March 21.)  Check out this board now!


The Drone Ranger model is an absolute doozy.  This is what happens when you crossbreed a Jack Russell with Labrador. What you get is a board that is fun, energetic, unpredictable, fast, loose and kinda loyal... although it could just run off without you. With its five fin set up (run it as a thruster or quad) it’ll give you multiple options to tear around at your local. Pick your pedigree between the 5’2 (31.6 liters), 5’6 (35.3 liters) and 6’0 (40.7 liters) options. Add in a set of fins from the RYD Art/Honeycomb ranges for added excitement! (Fins available March 31). Go sniff out the drone ranger.


Our Hank Dude model is our take on the modern day mid-length.  And no, you don’t need a moustache, Lycra leggings or an unbuttoned shirt to surf in when jumping onto one of these beauties!  Designed to bridge the gap between shortboards and longboards, the mid length gives you all the paddle power you need and a new appreciation for drawing classic lines on open faces.  Available in three standard mid length sizes, 6’10 (40.9 liters), 7’2 (43.2 liters) and 7’4 (44.6 liters) it’s really just a case of picking your mark and getting your groove on!  Pair your Hank Dude up with our RYD Good Vibes fins for a bit of extra flair. (Fins available March 21).  Put me in cruise mode now!


Want to slide like a pro? Well, we can’t promise you that, but we can bring you a model shaped by the 2018 WSL World Longboard Champion, Stevie Sawyer. Say hello to the Sea Movie model! Designed as an all rounder that’ll work in a variety of conditions, this 9’2 longboard (74.3 liters) will have you dancing (like no one is watching) in no time at all!  Lets' slide!

The softboard category has something for absolutely everyone, so there’s no reason stop at just one fun board! More boards in this space equals way more fun! 

I need to go surf! Take me back to the soft top range!


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