RYD Boardcovers - How it works.

Boardcovers are the unsung heroes of the surf accessories category. They are the workhorses who never really get much of the limelight. But we think they deserve some airtime. Here’s why. Boardcovers protect your boards from dings, damage and sunlight. 

They help you transport your boards comfortably and easily, whether you’re throwing them in the car for a drive down to your local beach, or travelling with a bunch of boards overseas. And if you’re anything like us, clumsy and impatient, our boards need all the help they can get just moving from the shed to the car.

So what kinds of covers are there?  

Broadly speaking there are stretch covers, single board covers and multi board covers. These covers will accommodate all your craft from bodyboards to fun boards, short boards and long boards.

Expect to find sizes that start from 5’8” for the groms all the way up to 10’0” for the big kahunas.  All good covers will combine protection, ventilation and carry straps in equal importance.

Stretch covers – or board socks as some like to call them are soft and light, and really just provide protection from the sun and those small knocks you get moving your board from spot to spot. They are perfect for the car and they also keep the wax off your car seats... and the bed if you’re that way inclined.  They also provide an extra layer of protection if you slide your boards into them before you pack your coffin cover... and will give you something to protect your single boards with on the other side.

Single board covers are self-explanatory... they carry a single surfboard. No brownie points there, but they will range in size, price and construction.

The Multiboard  covers are brilliant for road trips and overseas travel. Travelling by land or air with anywhere from 2 to 5 boards (without fins) becomes a lot simpler when converting to this style of cover. Its obviously easier than lugging a bunch of single covers around and you get some pretty strange looks at airports from old people... might be something so do with these covers being nicknamed – Coffin covers!

Your boards might be the superstars, but make sure you look after them the best you can by hooking them up with the perfect travel mate! 

Full RYD Travel range coming soon!  Get started with a RYD Stretch cover now!







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