How to Pack for Your Surf Missions

December 05, 2019 3 min read

How to Pack for Your Surf Missions

We’ve all heard those stories… Your friends were on their way up the coast (or just down to the beach) on a surf trip, when somehow (and inexplicably), their boards went airborne and met with damaging disaster on the roadside. Don’t be the subject of those sad fireside tales. Here’s how:

Stack ‘em cleverly

It’s not rocket science, but there is a bit of theory to this, bear with us…

Nose forward, fins up. Longest boards first, shortest on the top. Two sets of boards, side-by-side, four max on each side.

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many people stack their beloved boards differently. If you’re going any further than just down to the beach for a session (say, up the coast for a day trip or longer holiday) take your fins out. And, while you’re at it, take off your leash as well. (And no, that is NOT to be used for securing your precious foam and fiberglass). Then tie down with RYD tie-downs. These are made from 3mm heavy duty, UV coated webbing and come in three different lengths (9”, 12”, 15”). They feature molded silicone covered cam buckles to protect your rails. These are also corrosion resistant.

You can get away with one set (two straps). However, if you’re tying down more than three boards and are hitting the highway, you want two ties in the front and one at the back per pile of boards. Make sure that the actual strap is in the center of the top board, and not on the sides. Tighten properly and use the extra length to tie multiple securing knots. By default, we would go for the longest possible strap.

What lies beneath

If you have solid roof racks on your car, cover them with rack covers. These high-density foam rack covers provide a cushy ride for your boards (which should be in board bags). They are available for all rack shapes and feature strong velcro closures and are UV treated. If you don’t have roof racks or are making use of a rental for your trip, kit yourself out with our travel roof racks. These fit most models of cars, SUVs and vans and come in two models: Single (1-3 shortboards or 1-2 longboards) and Double (2-3 shortboards or 2-4 longboards). They’re toolless and easy to install (and remove) and their flat edged ensure a secure fit, while padded makes for good board protection. They are light weight and don’t take up much space so even if you’re travelling on a plane you can take them with you to install on your rental (no, it won’t damage the roof) once you arrive. We’re all about effortless surf travels.

Bonus - the must have: Change Mat 

This is the proverbial gift that ‘keeps on giving’ … It’s a change-mat-which-is-really-a-bag and it’s made from durable waterproof material. It keeps the sand off your feet when you get in and out of your suit, keeps your suit clean and the saltwater out of your car.

(It’s still one of the best suited Christmas gifts for a surfer and the whole family will love you for it!)

We’ve really made our travel accessories easy to use, lightweight to pack, strong to last and in a great quality that we can back. So, give it a go and keep your boards (safely) on the road for the good waves in the water!

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