Grom Life with Joel Emery

May 29, 2020 2 min read

Grom Life with Joel Emery

Joel Emery, is the quintessential Aussie grommet. From bad wetsuit tans to bloodshot eyes and a cheeky smile, this 12 year old is living the grom dream daily! 

Growing up in the wave rich area of the Northern Rivers in NSW, Joely (as he’s affectionately known around his hometown) has plenty of talent to inspire him. While born into a surfing family (mum and dad both rip!) Joel is also continuously exposed to a conga line of talent that includes Laurie Towner, Dan Ross, Nav Fox, Bryce Young and the Walters family to name just a few.

The naturally talented goofy footer can often be found charging his local point breaks, but he’s equally happy switching craft, going shorey bashing with his mates and hitting the skate park when the surfs not great. And while Joel has also tasted success in the competitive arena, life right now is all about having fun.

So Joel, how old were you when you started surfing?

“I was 4 years old. Dad pushed me into these little swells in the lagoon at Lakey peak (Sumbawa, Indonesia), the waves weren’t really breaking but it was pushing me enough to get a little ride. I was riding one of dad’s boards.”

And now, what are you favourite types of waves to surf?

“I like all types of waves; big or small, points or beachies! It doesn’t matter as long as it’s breaking you can have fun. I like riding twinnies, thrusters, softboards... even a body board when it’s closing out shorey’s.”

And what’s the best part of being a grom?

“The best part of being a grom is that I can hang out with mates, get up for early’s and surf for hours. Then when I’m tired I go home to a cooked breakfast by mum!”

What would the perfect weekend look like for you and your mates?

“The perfect weekend would be to score pumping waves all day with friends and family... and to fit a skate in too.”

Which pro surfers do you love watching and drawing inspiration from?

“I really like to watch Gabriel Medina. He’s a goofy like me. He does massive airs, charges big barrels and I just like the way he surfs.”

What about the future… what are your goals and dreams as a surfer?

“My goals and dreams are to become a professional surfer. I love surfing and competing and I want to surf for the rest of my life. It’s fun as!”

We think surfing is ‘fun as’ too Joely!  Keep shredding!


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