Good Vibes 7'0" - Glass Longboard Fin



Designed to pair up to the trending rounded pin, mid-length shape, when preferring the single fin option. Starting on a wide base, this fuller raked fin design will provide hold on the bottom turn while facilitating those smooth mid-length lines you've been dreaming of drawing on the open face. Available in 3 sizes. If you prefer to run a 2 +1 set up in your mid-length, check out the new Trio style.  Match either of these up with your RYD Hank Dude mid-length soft top.

*The True Range utilizes one of the more traditional construction materials - full fiberglass. The process involves laying up multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and resin and then foiling the shape of the fin to the desired template.  Fiberglass fins are generally stronger and are also the stiffest fin in our range.  Fins with less flex will react quickly and allow you to load up and push hard!

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